GEORGIAN CONCRETE CLUB (GCC) Estabilished in 2011 it’s a distributor company in Georgia. We represent a wide range of products for construction and manufacturing industry. We offer to our customers advanced, modern and approved products with Guaranteed and focus to a high quality also reliability. GCC products range presents : leading technology, Sophisticated design, The world's leading manufacturers, ISO 9001 Accredited products, Continual development of products, Environmental safety oriented products, Accurate and constant market research and permanetnt development.

Our range include :

    Chemical additives
  • Concrete admixtures (super plasticizers, retarder, accelerate)
  • Cement additives (Intensipikator,grinding aids and quality improvers)
  • Supporting products
  • Architectural concrete applications
  • Technical mortar systems
  • Waterproofing systems
  • Flooring systems
    Testing equipments
  • Aggregates –rocks
  • Bitumen aspalt –pavest division
  • Concrete
  • Cement mortar
  • Steel
  • Soil
  • General equipments
Georgian Concrete Club
GEORGIAN CONCRETE CLUB is an Authorized Distributor of Grace Concrete Chemicals Grace Construction Products – GCP - concrete admixtures, additives for cement processing, products for light and heavy precast, products for architectural concrete, specialty mortar systems, waterproofing systems and fire protection products strengthen and protect the world’s most important structures. And Distributor of MATEST which is the leading manufacturer of testing equipment for the construction industry. Matest is committed to developing in new technology, fulfilling the requirements of existing and emerging international standards and taking on new market challenges In the material testing field.

Our Mission

Georgian concrete club mission is to supply our costumer high quality and With highly technological and also Varied products, which is Reliable and best quality. With good delivery and service.

Our goal

Make conceptual ideas, cooperation with Professionalism and loyalty in construction and manufacturing industry. with the Best quality products delivery we take care with our partners to develop construction and manufacturing industry and also environment, also introduction of European market standards.